fence transparency

This text is by Marie Buck in her capacity and does not, necessarily, reflect the views of different infinite mile contributors, infinite mile co-founders, the author's employer and/or other author affiliations.  

Egg of Pain + I'm the Sleeping Shadow

Marie Buck

Egg of Pain

Hands hold up a slice of quiche.

The girl crosses her arms and looks away.

The girl holds a gift

her piggybank

an ice-pop.

But I—

I like storms.

Why does my skin look like a "wrinkled prune" after I take a


Why do I sweat?

What is science?

It was the sweat that was forming

under a rubber curry flag crate

that made me wonder

who might give me life if not style—

if you were me, would you freak?

I’m the Sleeping Shadow

Now I know what a bug feels like.

It recognizes the uniform of its inspector,

like me here,

I recognize the uniform

of my inspector.

I wash off with old Hose-Nose

who’s at the beach there

when we need him,

we have friends.

But it’s too late.

On a search for growing serum

we form a ring around the cloud

and I get down on my knees.

I file the bars of my jail cell

with an overcooked Thanksgiving turkey

and fold and unfold the paper bags

and give of myself, a symbol of this twisted era.

I turn myself into a water pump

and release water from my mouth

and respond to everyone’s bending

of my legs and supply the village

with a little bit of myself.

fence transparency
fence transparency
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