Marie Buck
Marie Buck

Marie Buck is the author of a book of poetry, Life & Style (Patrick Lovelace Editions, 2009), and two chapbooks, “Life & Style” (Beard of Bees, 2007) and “Amazing Weapons” (Scary Topiary, 2011). Her work has appeared in How2, Rethinking Marxism, Two Serious Ladies, and Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing. The Italian magazine Abbiamo Le Prove recently published a translation of Marie’s essay “Girls State.” Marie’s currently working on a new poetry manuscript, “Little Guys,” and a scholarly dissertation, “Graphic Bodies: Black Power and Women’s Liberation Texts, 1967-1978.” She is a doctoral candidate at Wayne State University and previously earned her MFA from the the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

fence transparency
01. Knives, Tools and Matches, A Partner for My Trapeze Act + Crinnikle

issue 23: December 2015

02. Egg of Pain + I'm the Sleeping Shadow
issue 13: January 2015
03. two poems:
The Price of Power and
A Baby Elephant Sees the Ocean for the First Time as It Quietly Dies
issue 09: September 2014
04. three poems:
I See Myself Shirtless in a Lab
I See You Shirtless in a Lab and
I See the World Only Through My Own Shitty Eyes
issue 05: April 2014
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