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dispatch from New York:

48 hours of transience

Jennifer Junkermeier

Over the last weekend in May, a group of Detroit-based artists, performers and musicians traveled to Brooklyn to take part in Transient ID: Detroit ⇔ NY, a special event in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios.  Organized and curated by Spread Art Co-Directors Christina deRoos & Thomas Bell1, who are based in Detroit, in partnership with Indus Truck Works Ltd. (a project by artist Osman Khan), Transient ID: Detroit NY consisted of an exhibition engulfed within numerous performances, happenings and collaborations that brought over 30 Bushwick and Detroit artists to the streets for an exploration of the transient nature of identity and the creative boundaries of visual, sonic and performance art.

Rani, a Pakistani-inspired, decorated box truck provided by Indus Truck Works Ltd, left Detroit packed with artwork, props, a sledgehammer, and a piano. Upon its arrival in Bushwick, Rani turned into a gallery displaying an exhibition of works by both Detroit­based and New York­based artists Vince Carducci (a printed version of his infinite mile issue #6 contribution, “How I got over”), Christina deRoos, JenClare Gawaran, Alvaro Jurado, Mavis Farr Smentkowski and Sarah Rubio. In and around Rani, parked at 12 Grattan Street in front of Pine Box  Rock Shop, was the site of impromptu, planned, unwieldy, improvised, irrational, poetic and provocative performances and interventions by New York­based artists Sherry Aliberti, Amber Brien, CocoonNYC, Alexander D'Agostino, Future Death Toll (with Amanda Hunt), Myk Henry, Erik Hokanson, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, Amery Kessler,  Jodie Lyn­Kee­Chow, Geraldo Mercado, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Esther Neff & Brian McCorkle), Claribel Jolie Pichardo, Kalan Sherrard, Shua Group (Laura Quattrocchi & Joshua Bisset), and Trouble (Laura Paris & Sam Hilmer) and Detroit­based artists  Thomas Bell, James Cornish, Christina deRoos, and Billy Mark. Detroit­based artist Katie McGowan participated in a performance in the vicinity that was organized by Arthelix.

The following photographs are documentation of, in and around Transient ID: Detroit NY with a focus on the Detroit­based participating artists, performers and musicians. These photos only account for a sliver of all that took place within the transitional two days.

Many people and organizations were involved in organizing and participating in and around Transient ID: Detroit NY including (those not mentioned above) Harvey the RV group, Animamus Art Salon and ThingNY.  Spread Art collaborated with The Cocoon Project on the performance Transient ID, Into, the Future which included Sherry Aliberti, The Cocoon Project (performance), Amber Brien (sounds), James Cornish (sounds), Christina deRoos (visuals, including a remix of Anya Liftig performance documentation), Billy Mark (sounds/performance), Geraldo Mercado (visuals/performance), Laura Paris (visuals) and more.

1 two of the founders of Bushwick Open Studios.

Image caption.
photographs by Christina deRoos + Jennifer Junkermeier  

Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell plays the piano, 2014
video courtesy Osman Khan

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