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babies longer  

Christopher Samuels


It was like you go inside and there all black lights everything was you know techno music

electronic music

and then on stage was the DJ

well on stage was the DJ you had like a you know like a go-go dancer girls or whatever

but they had big ol' Super Soaker gun looking things

but were filled with like this like slim like paint shit.

and like every time the beat would drop in the music they'd hit,

they spray the whole crowd with this paint

first when you went in and pay at door like another five bucks extra or something they gave you

these big giant bottles like squeeze like ketchup bottles full of paint.

so you just run around through there the whole time just

squeezing paint everywhere ya know,

everybody's ya know covered in fucking paint in their faces

and their eyes.

the only thing I didn't like about it was that the whole time I was their like you couldn't have a drink

you couldn't sit there drinking your beer


your drinking your drink

somebody come flinging fucking paint by you

and boom

in the fucking drink

beer right on the nozzle

lip fucking

rim of the bottle

fucking paint covered in shit

so thats the only thing I didn't like about it.

but other than that man it was wild.

shit fucking girls every

fucking people everywhere.

that's what I like about it. go inside and you got fucking ten thousand people,

well it seems like, not that many but,

it's a lot.

It's elbow to elbow

fucking shoulder to shoulder.

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