Tiff Massey
Tiffany Massey

Tiff Massey is a Detroit-based artist who began her educational exploration in science, majoring in biology at Eastern Michigan University.  As Massey’s desire to create emerged, a passion developed that started a journey in the study of metalsmithing which later led to the fulfillment of a graduate degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2011. 

Massey focuses on the creation of wearable sculptures and objects.  Tiff’s works are an observation of class and race in contemporary culture viewed through the lens of the African diaspora and life in Detroit.

Current works by Tiff Massey are featured in a local publication: B.L.A.C magazine.  Shows of Massey's work include G R’ N’namdi Center for Contemporary Art (solo) 2012-13, Detroit Artist Market Design Show 2013, Caroline Van Hoek Gallery, Brussels Belgium, 2012 and Sofa–Chicago 2011.  Her recent awards include Best Times Based Performance, at SiteLab during Art Prize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


fence transparency
01. Detroit is what? + I see what you doin issue 03: February 2014
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