Steve Panton

Steve Panton is the founder of 2739 Edwin and 9338 Campau galleries, where he has curated/promoted a series of 30 exhibitions.  He is also co-founder of the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, co-founder of the Free School of Hamtramck and co-founder of the Essay'd project.  His personal interests are in interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of pedagogy, historical research and exhibition making.  Prior to running 9338 Campau, he worked as an engineer for approximately 35 years, starting as an apprentice and leaving as business manager for a medium size business unit.  His writing for infinite mile looks critically at the relationship between art and narratives of blame and development in the city.


fence transparency

01. The Matter of Stories issue 33: November 2016
02. Art that knows its place issue 12: December 2014
03. Just Landed?
issue 07: June 2014
04. It's all good apart from the bits that are bad
issue 03: February 2014
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