Shoshanna Utchenik
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Shoshanna Utchenik aims to bring creativity to the center of everyday life through art interventions, performance, process-based visual art, and workshops under the umbrella of Interstate Arts. Shoshanna earned her MFA from Northwestern University; BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and served as Artistic Associate of Chicago’s Redmoon Theater. She has exhibited and performed throughout the midwest, NYC, and internationally in Slovenia. Currently based in Detroit, she is also the Engaged Arts teacher at the James and Grace Lee Boggs School, nurturing creative critical thinkers who contribute to the well being of their communities.

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01. Very Good Kids: Art, Love and Belonging as Tools of Change issue 20: September 2015
02. Blessing of the Paths: a Back-to-School Letter issue 09: September 2014
03. Beneath the Bodhi Tree of Blight, Detroit’s “Rurban” Dream Takes Root
issue 01: December 2013
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