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Score for Living Through Making

Emily Gustafson

dowload audio

Flowers picked from places in Michigan where the above living score-turned-exhibition-soundtrack-turned-bedtime-story-for-the-solitary was recorded last summer (with gratitude to those who inspired and contributed to its making):

Score for Living Through Making_01

Score for Living Through Making_02

Score for Living Through Making_03

Score for Living Through Making 04

Score for Living Through Making 05

Score for Living Through Making 06

Abigail Anne Newbold
Adrian Robles
James Anthony
PD Rearick
Behind the Times
Bridget Quinn
Michael Collino
Simeon Heyer
Detroit Mounted Police Division
Grosse Pointe Hunt Club





This text is by Emily Gustafson in her capacity and does not, necessarily, reflect the views of different infinite mile contributors, infinite mile co-founders, the authors' employers and/or other affiliations.  




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